Desktop Tray Launcher
The best way to access your desktop icons from tray menu!

Created by Michał Majewicz - Kraków 2010 - 2017
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Click for view screenshots! New version 1.61 for MS Windows
February 04, 2017

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The last news

February 04, 2017
+ The new version 1.61 of Dekstop Tray Launcher is available!
+ Now you can choose the mice button for showing desktop icons menu
+ Added direct access to your recycle bin from program menu (with disabling option)

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What is Desktop Tray Launcher?

Have you ever had a problem with too many opened windows, which covered your desktop?
It's uncomfortable situation, because to launch new program you have to minimize all opened windows.
Never more! Just download and run Desktop Tray Launcher.
This small application sits in the system tray and will show a popup menu containing all your desktop shortcuts when you click it.

Why do I need Desktop Tray Launcher? There are alternative ways...

You are right, so take a look at alternative ways:Desktop Tray Launcher eliminates this inconvenience.